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I took the big step and told Mum about our home birth plans last night. The initial ‘you’re mad’ reaction was as I expected but after an hour or so of discussion most of the air had been cleared. Mum is just scared for us. I can understand this, but I believe in life you have choices. To live in fear of the unknown, to live as a timid soul, or to go out and embrace it and fight for what you want. I believe this is what we are doing. No one cares more about this baby than Todd and I, and there is no way we are going to do anything to place them in danger or jeopardy. Some may not agree with our views and that is ok. But we are informed, we understand what is involved with both hospital and home birth scenarios. We are making an informed, educated choice about what is best for our baby and us. I don’t think that should be written off by anyone.

We have read books, research journal articles, and stats. We have looked at interventions, at history, read about different countries and cultures. We have watched the beautifully edited home birth movies set to music where the families are surrounded by candles, we have also watched the unedited ones, raw and confronting. We know what birth looks like. I am not afraid, I am confident, I am excited. This will be the biggest challenge of my life with a reward for life and the way I feel right now… bring it on, because I got this.