Things I have learnt this week: you never take your Mummy hat off. You can put another hat over the top for a few minutes but the Mummy hat is firmly in place no matter what the occasion.

I may be sitting in an Arts legal seminar, chairing a meeting, or trying to co-ordinate yoga moves, but one ear remains on constant vigil. Waiting to hear the sounds of stirring. One eye remains watchful for the cracks of my baby’s eyes as sleep fades, or a leg emerges Pilates-style from the pram nearby.

That’s why Mum’s groups are so good. They understand. Other Mum’s know that you are always on guard. That you are listening but that your attention will veer as soon as need be. And it’s ok. It’s the way it’s meant to be.

My favourite is Mumbalates – Pilates for Mums, and bubs. Prams, breastfeeding, stirring, sometimes crying babies are all incorporated into the class – and it works, because everyone understands. The Mum hats are proudly on display.

The hat I imagine I wear is a light blue wide brimmed, floppy affair. It is safely relaxed, sometimes rides askew, but always protects and is mostly cool and calm. I figure seeing as you never take this Mummy hat off you better like the one you wear.