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Yesterday I was feeling like I was not much use at work. As if all of a sudden my career was at a standstill – only involved in minor things, small cases, and behind the scenes. No more forging ahead or tackling the big stuff. I am lucky though, I will always be able to return to the field in which I work. I know this and yet still there is a sense of missing out, standing still. I can’t imagine what other soon- to-be Mothers must be feeling. Those who can’t as easily walk back into their profession after a couple of years off.

But that was yesterday! Today I have a day off and how easily I slide into my other world. The world where I am a writer. The world where I am at home, tinkering away on the computer creating words. I love this world and realise how easily I slip into it and the other world fades away. I think I am going to love my time off with baby. As I rest the keyboard on my belly and type, I am thankful that I get to do this, and I laugh to myself that this baby helped me write my novel! I am grateful that I have this opportunity, to write, to grow a baby, to have the freedom to have plenty of time at home with him or her when they arrive. Life really is blessed (yes, there’s that word again).