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I had a check-up with my GP today and was really nicely surprised. The best news was the Nuchal Fold results came back with a very low risk for Downs syndrome and genetic disorders. I knew there was nothing wrong but it is still nice to have it printed out in black and white, and it reassures Todd no end.

The other good news is that I have only put on 2.2kg since becoming pregnant. This is all belly and boobs as I popped out almost the instant I hit 10 weeks and haven’t slowed down since! I actually weigh less now than when we started trying to fall pregnant and I took up running. It makes all the local and organic fruit and veg worth it. The baby might come out looking like an orange with all the citrus fruit I am eating at the moment! As I sit here with my decaffeinated tea and bowl of pineapple for an afternoon snack, I am happy with pretty much everything! I am loving getting bigger and feeling the changes, I am loving swimming and I especially loving pregnancy yoga – or baby yoga as I like to call it. It is my special time to relax and connect with myself and baby, and has become one of the highlights of my week.