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It’s funny how the whole home birth has taken on a life of it’s own. I have been careful not to tell too many people of our intentions yet. It almost feels like I have to go incognito to have a home birth.

Someone told me the other day ‘I bet you are going to have a Caesar.’ When I said no, I hope not. She proceeded to tell me yes I bet you will. ‘How tall is your husband? Oh yes. You will have a Caesar’. I could not believe it! How could someone be so convinced of something so far from my realms of reality? And not only that, but feel quite within rights to tell me what would happen with my body! This is someone that should be in the know. It was easy enough to ignore, but it is no wonder people get so misguided.

The topic of birth was brought up around me the other day. Someone started saying that ‘I can not believe in this day and age women would risk not having their baby in a hospital’. I couldn’t help it, I had to say something. Although I was not trying to convince people that home birth is the best way for everyone, it was fairly evident what my view on it was. I believe it may be the best choice for us, and it is because we are well informed. It is because we know what the options are. We have done research and we know what is important to us. It is not because of ignorance but in fact as a direct result of not going with a ‘see what happens’ approach.

An interesting piece on ‘The Pitfalls of “Going With The Flow” in Birth’. http://birthtraumatruths.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/the-pitfalls-of-going-with-the-flow-in-birth/

We know the interventions that are being offered and know the effects they will have on my body and ability to labour. We have read about the history of birth and how it has evolved into the medicalised process we have today, about legislation and the effect on what was once a natural process. We have looked at all the statistics we can get our hands on for home versus hospital birth. I am not an expert and don’t know it all, but I am informed. I am happy for everyone to have their own opinion, to voice that opinion but please, at the very least, do not class me as someone who is ignorant.

I fear the battle for our home birth will continue up until the baby decides it is ready to be born. I fear that the bigger battle for women’s right to choose will continue well after. I hope to always be an advocate for this. I am thankful for educated women like my friend Kristy and my doula who remind me of the reasons I chose this in the face of doubters and criticism. Of course I am not turning my back on the medical system, I work in it, I know the great benefits that come from medical intervention – for those that need it. If I need it, I will not hesitate, however if there is no reason for intervention, I would prefer to have this baby on my terms. Isn’t that how it should be? There should be no stigma attached to women who have a birth plan, who question choices, who choose home birth, or who transfer to hospital. Maybe one day this will be the case.