The car was loaded, and I mean loaded. I had bath, port-a-cot, clothes, nappies, towels – you name it – every inch of space taken up with some essential baby gear. No I wasn’t moving – just heading to visit rellies over Easter. I never realised just how much gear I could take on a relatively short trip away. Gone are the days of grabbing the overnight bag and we’re out the door.

Being home alone with bub I had to make about 24 trips up and down the stairs to pack. As soon as he was asleep I would madly dash about the house prioritizing jobs and packing anything that I needed to take but didn’t still need to use. At last we were underway. I wondered to myself what could I have possibly forgotten. I knew there would be something but with practically the entire house in my car I didn’t have a clue as to what it might be.

Bub was strapped in and I was on the open road. I had coffee in hand (cup-holder) and to my delight it was time for Books and Arts Daily on RN. What luck! My little travelling mate was soon lulled into a deep coma and I was left to enjoy hours of free time. Ok so I had to drive, and I kept an almost constant eye on the recently hitched up mirror that faced into his car-seat… but these days that’s pretty close to free-time in my book.

I settled into the drive and as I looked ahead to the beautiful curtains of dark rain I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

When Harley woke we stopped for a feed and nappy change. Such an inquisitive baby he was happy as I again strapped him into the car-seat. So long as he can see the passing world he is content. I sung to him some of our favourite songs. It really is amazing just how bad my singing voice is and my inability to carry (or even remember for that matter) a tune. But Harley doesn’t mind and so it really doesn’t matter. So long as he knows I am near. I told him all kinds of stories from explaining about the fauna crossing to who he was going to meet on the trip. I’m sure he zoned out and was sleeping through most of the stories but again – so long as he knew I was near. And as his aunty pointed out – I will have the fauna crossing explanation down pat by the time he can understand it!

It was a wonderful short trip and was beautiful to share Harley with our family and see their bonds grow. As I drove up the drive and smelt the familiar surrounds I was overjoyed at the feeling of home. As I cradled my little man and began the inevitable trek to unpack I couldn’t help but smile. As it turns out I did forget the nightlight but that’s not so bad – mostly I overpacked. Oh well I’ll know for next time.