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A touch of Mastitis… I’m not even sure it is possible to get a ‘touch’ of it, but I did. I fed bub early before netball – I’ll probably save the story of returning to regular exercise for another post – a little shock to the system! He slept through the entire game, and the trip home, and as I showered, and then as I put him and myself to bed. I reasoned it wou;dn’t be long and I’d be up again for a feed… but he continued to sleep. Right through until 1 am. Score! I couldn’t believe my luck. My boobs were rocks. I fed my little man well on one side and he returned to sleep. I followed suit. I woke some time later freezing. I woke Todd and told him he had to wrap his arms around me as it was so cold. He thought I was mad but conceded. I pressed my feet into him to try to steal more warmth. I kept covering Harley’s hands with the blanket. They were warm but I thought for sure he too must be feeling this cold. I did everything but get up and turn off the fan as it was too cold to get out of bed – 2 am logic.

The next morning in the shower I noticed red patches on one of my breasts – uh oh I’ve read about this. Mastitis threatens to rear it’s ugly head. I felt like one of those cartoon characters where all the air is sucked out and all that is left is a crumpled sliver on the floor. I had no energy – I had no idea a fever would zap you so completely of life. There was no option other than taking myself and my little man back to bed. There we spent the day alternating feeding and sleeping and hot and cold compresses. I tossed up visiting the GP, but I thought I might be just be getting better. I gave myself a 3pm deadline and if I wasn’t on the mend I was going to have to concede. Thankfully I did start to improve. The fever broke and disappeared as quick as it came. By the next day you would hardly have known there was anything wrong with me. Seems the little guy and I were lucky and really did master this itis.