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iStock_000000425036LargeThings I have learnt this week: Our baby might me Mohammed Ali or an MMA fighter in the future; our baby is clever; our baby is strong willed; and do not overeat (yes I should have learnt this already).

The first of these realisations is one I am sure many mothers have thought throughout their pregnancy as the little on takes to your insides as the proverbial punching bag with a round of uppercuts and fly-kicks that would make any Sensei proud. For us, this time is usually early in the morning. So early in the morning in fact it is still nearly the night before. I am awoken with a barrage of raining fists or feet. One morning a couple of days ago bub was a bit late and Todd was awake and able to feel. He was amazed at the strength from inside. Now, here it gets a little hard to believe but I swear it is true. As Todd pressed on different areas of my belly within feet reach the baby would respond with a kick in retaliation – each press and a subsequent kick. I was gob smacked. ‘It’s following you!’ I don’t know if this is possible or if babies are supposed to be so perceptible or responsive but I swear it happened – hence my second realisation for the week – our baby is clever. I know I’m biased but hell I never promised impartiality I am after all a Mum. Todd starting singing, “Kick baby Kick” to what we realised was the song Rumpshaker. This was a song of our teenage years so when we found and played it again I couldn’t help but get my groove on. Maybe that should be realisation 2.5 – Bellyshaker may not be as sexy as Rumpshaker but it is a hell of a lot of fun!

The third realisation came after our weekly midwife check up. Our midwife had a fairly good feel around for baby’s position. About an hour later I was driving in to my baby shower and bub was going absolutely crazy. I couldn’t help but think that the little one was having a tantrum in utero! He or she was pretty disgruntled at being moved about in their now very comfy and very wedged home. No quiet, acquiescent child here it would seem.

The fourth insight came driving home from the baby shower. I was full to the brim of good food and scrumptious cake (not to mention love and supporting vibes). Add to this a still squirming baby and my insides were feeling something like your sleeping bag would as you try in vain to stuff it away after a camping trip.

There was no option, I had to have some serious couch time and wait for the wind to escape. The glamorous life continues.