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Just as midnight is the witching hour, for me 0230 has become the waking hour. Here I am again writing at 0430 as my old friend Mr Insomnia returns.  I figured two hours of laying in bed rolling from side to side was long enough to be convinced I’m not going back to sleep right now.

Perhaps Mum is right, and this is my body getting used to broken sleep. If it is, I am getting Todd used to it too. I have managed the art of going to the toilet without waking him but as yet cannot get out of the bedroom without banging into something or battling with the loudest creaking door in the world.

After realising I needed to either make my bedroom escape or go mental I made a dash for the door. But I fumbled with the handle, opened it on my foot and swore to myself over the unrelenting creaking. I stood on the other side of the door listening to see if Todd managed to sleep through the havoc.

If the waking is not an inbuilt alarm and just a habit I have gotten myself into I’m sure this Late/Early shift today will fix it. Fingers crossed, as the waking hour has also turned into the shopping hour. I have ordered nappies, gifts, touch lamps and extra dimmable lighting for the baby’s room in these hours. I’m going to stop now though… I really am. I don’t think sleep-deprivation-induced-madness will wash as a refund policy if I buy something ridiculous. And… the baby’s room is now done. We put the last of the furniture together yesterday and filled the cupboards with clothes and blankets. Standing back and marveling at the space we have created it all of a sudden felt incredibly real – we are going to be parents very soon. I can’t stop going in there and just looking at everything… I’m pretty sure this is normal though, lol.