I only wrote yesterday but here I am again. It is 430 in the morning and after an hour and a half I have finally conceded that sleep is evading me for the time being. I woke up with the usual urgent need for the toilet but as yet have been unable to even look like returning to sleep. I don’t really know why. I am not stressed or worried by anything, my mind is not racing, I am just awake.  And I’ve given it a good go at falling asleep again. I have listened to a relaxation cd twice – I feel relaxed, just not asleep!

When I woke baby was putting a lot of pressure down low. It felt like the entire weight was pressing down on my pelvis. I have been having a bit of light cramping recently and have put it down to baby moving down and getting ready. My midwife confirmed this (as did the trusty internet before I spoke to her!). Baby’s head is far down but still has some movement. This explains the increased pressure but also the still present side to side rolling. Some days I think bub is lying left and others right. Some days a round squishy bum will rise out of my left side and a few hours later little feet will push their angles into the exact same spot. I was confused by this but now I know it is just baby still enjoying the room to move and get comfy – not locked in yet Eddie! Although still too early it feels like things are getting closer and it is getting very exciting.

I don’t know whether bub felt me awake or there was an early morning training session scheduled that I was not aware of, but about an hour into my wakeful lying soccer started. Honestly sometimes I wonder how a person so little can make so much movement. If I’m in the middle of something I’ll often just stop what I’m doing and let out a surprised ‘Oh!’ and gaze at the strange shapes my belly is making. It’s not an ow – as in that’s painful, just an oh – as in holy heck what are you doing in there! So soccer was in full swing and I was lying in quiet awe of the strength of the baby, Todd was snoozing and I was fighting all urges to wake him up, you know, just to hang out at 4 am.

I decided to get up and write instead of laying in bed writing in my head. So off I go to tackle the novel. I don’t know if the creative juices will flow this early but hey if bub can play soccer I may as well give it a try. And besides, I’ve already snacked on fruit so I think I’m done for, my body thinks it’s breakfast time.