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IIC_MC_VOL03_080After a year that has included a lot of soul searching and acknowledging the changing face of many relationships, it has been nice to sit back and ‘just be’ this holiday season. An old yoga video I once had demonstrated the bee pose and it always stuck in my mind. It was a relaxing pose and the instructor said in the voice over, “Just be”. This is not the easiest state for me to practice, I am inclined more to the state of ‘just go’ – do more, plan more, move forward, make things perfect. It is a funny thing to realise that often the more you try for all of this the more likely that the longed for time slips from your grasp. The moments you are searching for come from the times without all the fanfare, without all the planning, the times when you can ‘just be’ together.

This Christmas has been a time of recognising the beauty of family, friends and togetherness. A time of quietly mending bridges, of racing cars and shooting water pistols, and sometimes these are all the words you need.