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I have heard that most women nest during their pregnancy but does everyone entertain ideas of Grand Designs?

We have embarked on a mission of making a couch-bed. If it sounds strange I assure you it is. The inspiration came from Todd telling me about a huge lounge bed he had seen in a hostel overseas. It was filled with cushions and throws for everyone to lounge on. At first the idea seemed a little strange – it would take up most of the floor space in our bedroom and after all there is only the two (soon to be three) of us. But I heard him out as he reasoned that it would be more of a living space that we can lounge around on  as well as a sleeping space. I liked this idea. The double wooden doors lead out to the deck, and whenever we open them it feels a little like we’re on holiday.

‘Besides,’ he asked, ‘Why do we have to have matching bedside tables and lamps that take up space but we never use?’

Because that’s what you do? I had no reason. I pictured lining up all the books I am reading on the built-in wall shelf which at the moment sits empty. They would surround the ‘bed’. It would be a living room, full of fresh air, light and books. I was sold.

So that was it for a while. The idea like the books got shelved until further notice. Last week after buying the new couches we were left with the old L-shape couch. We were going to give this to Vinnies until I decided in all my Grand Design wisdom that we could use this as the base for our big bed.

‘It will be a couch-bed!’ I squealed excited, my inner child coming out.

The couch-bed is a work in progress and looks a real mess at the moment but it is so much fun to make our own rules – Grand Designs at this stage. Whether they come off or not is another story… I’ll keep you posted.

I am taking up so much more room these days, what with my double body pillows and constant need for rolling, that even the work in progress couch-bed has proven beneficial.

Not that I slept much last night. I am having a textbook pregnancy and it seems that as soon as I entered the third trimester insomnia raised its tired little head again.

In another domestic goddess moment I decided to make Christmas cakes from scratch, and yesterday was the day. All was going well until I lost the afternoon somewhere and before I new it, it was time to go to bed. The cakes weren’t cool enough to wrap. What to do? What to do? After days of prep I didn’t want to ruin them. We went to bed and set the alarm a few hours later. Not the smartest decision, I had just fallen asleep when it sounded. Too bone tired to get up I let Todd handle them (I think he’ll get his own back in a couple of months). Back to bed he came, and was instantly asleep, as I lay awake rolling between the body pillows with much grunt and angst. There is truly something horrible about having the opportunity to sleep when you are really tired but just not being able to sleep. Restless legs want to run, and each time just as you teeter on the edge of blissfull slumber, Mr Insomnia pulls you back to the ledge of wakefulness. Thank-you Mr I, what would I do without you?

On a brighter note the cakes look and smell beautiful even if my eyes slightly resemble the cherries on top.

Pre 4-Hour baking