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Three months left! I can’t believe I have finally caught up with the posting of my blog. This means that as of today I am writing about what is happening now and posting in real time. Yay, finally! I guess that will teach me for being so chicken about posting at the start. Since the start everyone has been incredibly supportive and I love getting messages from people reading and following, it really does make my day. Bear with me as I will probably not be posting everyday anymore, more like two – three times a week, depending on what happens in life.

I have had this last week off work and have spent the time catching up on the important things – sifting through the mountain of paperwork applying for maternity and government parental leave, cooking, keeping house, and of course getting the novel back on track to being finished by my due date.

I have never taken holidays for no reason and would usually save them but not now that I am pregnant! This week was perfect timing. Just when I was starting to feel behind and that I couldn’t catch up on everything, I got the chance to relax and breath for a bit.

I have kept up with my new healthy goals of weekly swimming, walking, yoga and Aquafit. It seems everytime I go walking the baby seems to burrow down as deep as it can into my pelvis. This is sometimes uncomfortable but mostly just funny as it feels so damn strange! I got to calling bub low-rider because of it, as in ‘I’m just taking low-rider around the block’ lol.

It seems baby has found their feet too and has been running in circles around my belly. Somedays you can see the movements just looking at my belly. Todd has coined the nickname Indiana after Indiana Jones because of it.

A friend told me that babies do actually use their feet to push off against your uterine wall to walk and move around. I love the idea of this, like a tiny little explorer in space.  Until I heard this I kind of thought they just used their arms and bodies to roll over. I love envisioning them so active.

I weighed in last week and have put on eight kilos during the pregnancy. I am pretty happy with this. It is bang in the middle of all the ‘recommended weight gain’ tables for my height and pre-baby weight. I know everyone is different and I try not to pay too much attention to these things but I have to admit I do sneak a look every now and then. Your body changes so dramatically, so quickly that I often find myself looking in the mirror and thinking Is it ever going back? or How do I fit 13 more weeks of baby growth in? Having a guide helps me to at least know I am not tipping waayyy over the edge.

I know I will have to run off some of the baby weight but I am actually really looking forward to this. I have my first goal – climbing ‘The Pyramid’. I had been meaning to do it all year before I got pregnant. It takes anywhere between 2 – 4 hours to get up and then you have to turn around and come down. I am thinking June, when it is a bit cooler and I have already told Todd he has to carry baby!