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On the last night of our holiday I had a terrible night sleep. I had terrible reflux (I didn’t want to admit it could be the rich resort food). Every time I laid down it returned. It has not left. I know that it is best to sleep on my left side to give optimum blood supply to baby but my problem is a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. I have had it a while but with pregnancy and all the hormones it seems to have intensified. It got to the point where I only slept on my back or right side for the first six months. Now the rude shock that I can’t sleep on my back and I should sleep on my left side. Not only is it best for baby but apparently can help with the reflux (envisioning the gravitational gastric emptying does nothing to help the situation, lol).

So left side it is for me. We bought two body size pillows and although Todd has claimed one, each night I construct the barrage that is designed to get me into position. This consists of three pillows behind my head to elevate the pressure off my shoulder, a long body pillow to hug and support belly and another long one (Todd’s) behind me to wedge into an unmovable position. It is a grand construction if I do say so myself and a far cry from the spontanatity with which we used to jump into bed, but I did sleep easier. I am going to make an appointment with a physio though to see about fixing my nerve, there is a long 15 weeks left and I think this is only going to get harder!

I am feeling the heaviness of preganacy everyday now, and realise a bit more the strain on my body. My shifts at work are seeming longer and where I would once bounce I find myself dragging to the next opportunity to sit. My boobs have grown again (I didn’t think this possible) and I have been starving all day, must be another growth spurt.

I woke on day two of the new pillow situation feeling a little better. I know I tossed and turned all night but I got a little bit of sleep in there somewhere. There was a grasshopper incident in the bathroom at 4 am and after panicked yelps from me and Todd having to extricate the offending insect, we were up for the day. I may very well fall asleep in the guided relaxation segment of baby yoga tonight, but that’s the beauty – we are all in the same boat and a few snores are accepted!

My midwife told me that even though I was swimming I should try to walk as well, as it is good for thigh strength and movement of the baby. I ventured out around the block for the first time since relinquishing our dog sitting duties. I was happily strolling when a lady emerged from a car a few meters ahead.

‘Before you know it, it’ll be driving!’ She hollered.

I was a bit miffed – I still forget that my belly preceeds me wherever I go. ‘Sorry?’ I called.

‘Before you know it, it’ll be driving!’ She gestured to her son as he emerged from the drivers seat and I noticed the ‘L’ plate on her car. Oh I get it!

I think that was my first joke in the ‘motherhood’ club and it did have me laughing all the way down the street.