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Lesson I have learnt today… As much as I love a buffet breakfast the baby does not like being squashed by it. I came to this realisation as I was desperately running into a toilet cubicle, hand over mouth, sun glasses and hair caught in the tangle. That was my first pregnancy vomit and it was a beauty. My entire contents was hurriedly exiting my body with no chance of me stopping the flow. It has been a long time since I have vomited (the last time was thanks to a hangover) and I had forgotten that feeling that you get right in the middle of it, ‘I am going to die’. To top it off I had to get on a boat in a few minutes.

Todd and I were celebrating our ‘Babymoon’, one last hurrah before our world is turned upside down and vomit is more regular than sleep.  I was capping off a magical three day island get away where we snorkeled, read, slept and ate our cares away.

I donned a wetsuit and let me tell you cut a fine form, all six month belly of me and all! I found the snorkeling so relaxing, and thought again of bub in my belly all cushioned and floating happily. After feeling very heavy these last few days it was great to feel light in the water. I steered clear of the shark area, which was as much to do with my shark phobia as it was with the knowledge that I really did resemble a baby seal. But daredevil Todd did venture out and even had to be told to exit the water because it was too dangerous when they were feeding the fish and sharks. Yes babe time to get out of the water, your pregnant girl is worrying.

We laughed, loved and relaxed. We shared a candlelit picnic dinner on the beach and talked of anything from ‘Would be more exciting to see a Jaws fin in the close water (we weren’t swimming) or a seaturtle coming on to the beach to nest?’ to ‘Remember that time we…’

It’s hard for us to relax sometimes, as it is in both our nature to go, go, go, but it is not hard for us to re-connect, to find our closeness again. All we need to do is take a little time out. We didn’t want to return to the real world. Not that we didn’t want to return home, I think it was more that we didn’t want to leave a place where we had unending time for ourselves and each other. I know Todd felt it too, on the drive home he talked of the future and remembering to take the time for each other after the kids come.

We didn’t come back straight away. We spent the whole afternoon on the couch. Watching our favourite shows and just being in the moment. We didn’t worry about what had to be done, jobs to complete, we didn’t let stress back, we held on to our holiday for a little while, a perfect baby moon.