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We had a scan on Friday and I got to see our baby again. It was tiny, but a healthy size and even waved as the probe went over. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen!

We have started to think up names. At Todd’s suggestion I came up with seven boy and seven girls names. He didn’t stick to his end of the bargain and instead comes up with names from things that he sees around. The latest is Oke (he saw a Karaoke sign last night). I think this is going to take much discussion!

Todd is taking an interest in all that is happening – reading websites and asking questions. Ok, so he was searching the Internet after I had yet again woken him up at three in the morning, irritable that the fan was on. Once I had rectified the fan situation and given him an earful. I finally drifted back to peaceful sleep, leaving him wondering what the hell I was so cranky about and would it last for the next seven months!? It’s hard to explain the depths of tiredness and frustration at nightly insomnia to someone. I certainly didn’t have the patience at three am as I was woken by arctic temperatures because Todd was hot when he came to bed. I joke but in all we have been really extremely happy. We do not squabble over trivial issues anymore. I think we both know there is something bigger going on for us and we need to love and appreciate each other even more.

We are trying to figure out our birthing options at the moment. I am fairly adamant that I want as little intervention as possible, and to let my body do what is natural. It is also paramount that Todd be an essential part of the birthing and labour process. We are keen to learn how to do it all ourselves and at the moment are trying to explore the possibility of home birth. There are not too many options for this available but I think we will be able to find what we want. Telling the parents this decision may be another stumbling block!

We have told all our immediate family of the pregnancy and their reactions have been truly wonderful. It is so nice to be excited with them. I have told work friends as it was a bit to keep a secret – what with trying to avoid all the x-ray and chemicals etc. but we are trying to keep quiet until the magical week 12 mark. I know that something could go wrong at any time, but for us that’s the point we have decided to shout it from the rooftops. For the moment, I like keeping it close to us for a while.