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One thing I do miss about not having Facebook is one of the groups I created. I recruited a few close friends and called it My Girls Motivate Me. We were all trying to get fit or stay in shape and this page was a secret place where we could post about our goals or achievements or occasionally our slackness and ask for help!

This page had been going for months and we seem to go through phases of using it more regularly or not. When we were gearing up for our last run we used it often, sharing our pace and distance. As we coming up to another run I am feeling like I am missing out a little bit on the fun of sharing our progress and motivation.

I decided the only solution was to take matters into my own hands and to utilised the old snail mail. I was looking up some training sites and came across the hilarious running quotes above. I found one for each of the girls, printed the pictures and put ‘Proudly Brought to you by: My Girls Motivate Me’ on the side. I laminated them so that they could do whatever they wanted with them, suggesting sticking them to the fridge or swapping them with each other after a while.

I loved doing this and smiled to myself as I pictured each friend receiving them in the mail. I guess it goes to show – you don’t have to miss out, you just have to get creative.