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Close friends of ours are getting married tomorrow – how exciting! They – like most couple these days have opted for a wishing well instead of presents. They have been living together for years so of course have no need for a toaster, cutlery set or the traditional wedding presents of yesteryear.

I did however, want to make their gift special, so I handmade their card. Although I think I am pretty creative I have never attempted this before. I was opened up to a new world! Craft stores with aisles and aisles of different paper types. Scrapbooking was a phenomenon that passed me over but obviously it was a hit with many – the range of products seems endless. Deciding on a theme and colours was more difficult than I had anticipated!

Cozied up at home I was excited to put together my ideas for the card. After a few false starts and mistakes I was on track but in the end it didn’t quite go to plan. Although it does look a little bit better than a few bits of paper tacked together, I don’t think I quite pulled it off!

Oh well, too late now, the thought is definitely there and I think they will appreciate that… let’s hope!