A friend of mine has been having a bit of a rough time of it of late. In the past I have sent messages, letting people know I was thinking of them but with all this ‘No Gen Y’ and communication thoughts that have been floating around my head I have been thinking of something different I could do.

The other day I found the perfect thing. It was a small card with a cute picture of a bird and colourful real feathers on it. It had ‘Just a note…’ on the front and inside I inscribed ‘To let you know I am thinking of you,’ along with some personal humour not to be divulged!

I secretly pushed it through her locker door so that she would find it on her next shift.

I have realised that little gestures like this mean so much. It is easier to message or to wing off the quick email but taking a little bit of extra time really lets people know you are thinking of them.

The next time I saw her she hugged me with tears in her eyes. She told me that she hung the card in her dressing room where she could see it. Although it would have got the sentiment across, you just can’t do that with a text message.