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IPod, ITunes, LimeWire, FrostWire, MadeLoud, MP3S’s, Napstar… the list of music sources is endless. Notice I didn’t mention… a CD store. Yep you guessed it – today I am going to buy some music. No, not download it – go into a store and buy it.

I found a shop in the city which not only sold CD’s but also… wait for it… records! And clothes! It wasn’t a franchise music outlet but more of an underground music store. It had a funky vibe which I thought was far too cool for me – I’m no DJ – but the store owner was so down to earth she put me right at ease.

I just loved flicking through the CD collections. Being a fan of Australian Hip Hop I was drawn to this section. I was about to purchase an old favourite when I noticed an unfamiliar band kept popping up. I thought why not give them a try obviously someone likes them!

I couldn’t help but try on an amazing dress on my way out, and although I didn’t buy it I will definitely be returning to delve deeper into the racks.

As I slowly make my way back to my car the smells of café brunch surround me and I feel like I have uncovered a tiny treasure trove in the city. I wonder how much more is out there that I am yet to explore? I resolve to spend more time pounding the pavement to find out.

Listening to the first two tracks in the car, I have already decided I like this new band and I can’t wait to finish work so that I can hear the rest on the long drive home. I hoped – but didn’t really believe I was going to find anything new on my journey this morning – as it turns out – I did just that, in more ways than one.