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I had to do an assignment for university. I googled the bejesus out of the subject and did many online journal article searches. I got heaps of information. The problem was… I wasn’t able to use most of the material from the Google searches and the data in the journal article research was so specific I had to read about fifty articles to piece together what I was after. What I needed was one big basic description of what was happening – you know, like a book. A reputable source that actually gave me a detailed explanation of the subject I was interested in. I knew it had to be done… I had to go to the library.

I walked into the work library and was surprised to find how busy it was. I had been employed there a year and hadn’t even known where it was. I quickly found a computer (comfortable territory) and started to arrange myself. Glancing around at the aisles I had no idea where to start searching, but I wasn’t about to ask –  I didn’t want to look like I had never been in a library before! I tapped away and edited my assignment for a while as I steeled the neve to go browse the shelves.

I was amazed! There it was – all the information I had spent hours searching on the computer for. Book after book, title after title expanding on the last or taking me in a slightly different direction. I pulled four from the shelves and flicked through them – this is going to be easier than I thought! I managed to negotiate the photocopier and after an hour I had copies of all the information I needed. Score! Replacing the books on the return shelf I quickly skimmed the ‘new editions’ segment. There in front of me was the holy grail on the subject. A latest edition glossy cover tempted me. I was torn – I knew I couldn’t possibly copy it all but I wanted this book – I wanted this information!

I tentitavly walked to the librarian, glossy cover in hand.

‘Um, would it be possible to borrow this book for a while?’

Strange I know but it had been a while since I was in a reference library and I wasn’t sure they would just give out such new books. I thought for sure I was going to get snapped at…

‘What. Zis book? Are you mad?!’

The librarian in my mind had a scary German accent. The one behind the counter however just had a smile,

‘Sure, I’ll just need your ID.’

It was that simple!

Today when I realised I needed information on a subject, I quickly Googled a little bit but then eagerly ventured on down to my local library. I scanned the shelves and was excited by each enticing title. I left with armfuls – borrowed the maximum – knowing that I don’t have enough time for them all and I will have to return half unread. If only I could figure out a way to borrow time.