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Maybe most of you would caption my above picture with ‘Pintrest. You’re doing it wrong’, like the Facebook picture on my Day One post.

Truth be known, I have never partaken in the novelty of Pintrest. I have heard about it though. Pintresters please enlighten me if I am wrong, but I think the aim is to collect ideas/stories/pictures/quotes/articles and pin them to your Pinboard for motivation or ideas for your life.

Die hard Pintresters I may offend here, and I apologise in advance, but I wonder – if you spend so much time liking, linking and sharing ideas, do you have any time left to actually do them? Does the time spent Pintresting detract from your goals?

I thought I’d better give the concept a go, should at least try my hand at it, but I can’t very well start while I am scaling back the Gen Y. I came up with what I thought was the next best thing. I started really paying attention to magazines etc. for things that I would like to pin to a real pin-board. I found that instead of skimming I was actually looking at the photos and spreads. I found some pictures I liked: the book shelves I would like to one day have, a to-die-for view from the spa bath, or the ever illusive exotic recipe that I will never cook (seems I haven’t shaken that habit from my younger days!), but I was really just looking for stuff to fill the board.

I do love quotes and words, so these were easier to find and relate to and I found I was really enjoying making them a part of the board. I included photographs to make it real for me and once I personalised it I found it more enjoyable – not something I would spend a lot of time on, but it did bring a few of my favourite quotes back into my consciousness.

Another thing this project did highlight to me is how much I treasure my memories of travel. I have decided to make a photo-board of our favourite trips to put on display – so they are visible and we can enjoy the memories.

I wonder if clicking and pasting something onto your electronic pinboard has the same effect of bringing thoughts to your consciousness, or is it too quick an action to really let the ideas take hold? See, like, click, pin, forget.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being too sceptical of something I haven’t tried, but I just can’t seem to see the attraction to it.

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