For about the last year, every time my partner and I decide to go see a movie we get out the iPad and go through every possible movie preview, and session time. By the time we are sitting in the cinema we know the story and most times have already seen the best parts. There is no surprise.

We are a bit sheltered with no TV at home and want to pick a good movies and not waste money on a dud, but I think in a way it takes away the excitement of not knowing what is about to leap out of the big screen.

I made a deal. We would have a date night with no plans apart from – he would pick me up from work and we would go to dinner and a movie. There were strict rules… under no circumstances was either of us allowed to view pre-views or session times. We were going to turn up to the cinema and see what was on offer. Tonight was date night.

Staring up at the session listings, for the first time in ages we had no idea what some of the titles were. Hmm, what to do? All the posters were for future attractions but glancing around we found the printed blurbs the cinema provided. I have to admit, dashing back and forth between the photocopied page and the neon session times was a bit fun, and it did make choosing a movie more exciting.

We finally choose one and had an hour and half to spare. Luckily we were both hungry so started on a mission to find dinner. This task was to prove a little more difficult as it was only 3:45 in the afternoon! We persevered and eventually found a great restaurant on the Esplanade to while away the time and we got the early bird discount!

We rushed back to the cinema just in time and sitting in my seat I was full of anticipation about the movie we had picked. All we really knew was that it was an Aussie film and someone disappears in Cambodia. As the lights dimmed it felt like the old days when going to the movies was really exciting. Throughout it all we were trying to guess where it was heading and whispered to each other our theories on ‘whodunit’.

Wish You Were Here is a beautiful Australian movie that I would recommend… but that is all the pre-view I am going to give.