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For some reason I have been writing my status updates in my head all day. For those that aren’t Facebook savvy, status updates are small postings of a line or so that people update to share with their friends.

Maybe it’s because it has been a week and this is my mild version of the ‘withdrawal symptoms’ that the Elon Journal was talking about.

Maybe I just think I’m important or interesting today and worthy of sharing my day with the world. Whatever it is I thought it valuable to include – as it is part of this journey. I wonder if other people write their posts in their head as they are going about their business? Is it possible that Facebook is not only changing our world but our very consciousness as well? Are our every day actions instantly converted to updates in our mind? I’m not Facebook hating here. I’m really not. I used to post all the time. When it first came out I was the biggest Facebook advocate and after June I may return to it – although to what degree I’m not sure yet.

Below are my posts that I wrote in my head as I went about my day. I would not have posted all of these – even if I was still ‘on’ but nevertheless I thought them.

First day running in my new shoes! Oh Asics I have missed you. Insert photo of shoes.

How good is real coffee!? Beautiful crisp morning and coffee in hand = happy girl.

Waiting at the acupuncturist’s office – who knowingly signs up to get pins put in them?

Oh so relaxed – everybody should try being a pincushion!

I love the Real Food Network food box – without it I never would have discovered I love Persimmons!

Corned meat boiling away on the stove – it’s been ages. Cloves, vinegar and bay leaves reminds me of being a kid with the constant question ‘How long till dinner Mum?’ on my lips.

I was trying to explain the purpose of my blog to a friend at work and she just could not comprehend it. What was the big deal about not Facebooking? She never did – so what’s the big deal if I didn’t. Hopefully this might clear it up some – all day, perhaps every minute your Facebook news feed is renewed with the status updates of your friends. You are constantly being informed on what your friends are doing. Hence the ‘social’ networking and feeling ‘connected’ to our social circle.

Those that are on Facebook regularly will completely understand about my posts listed above. Those that are not, are probably still asking ‘Why should I care if you had a nice coffee?’

In truth, some of us diehard Facebookers are asking the same question. A recent conversation with a friend revealed that I was not on my own. She too didn’t know why she checked Facebook last thing at night or first thing in the morning. Is it a FOMO (fear of missing out) situation? We might miss someone’s news or gossip or feel out of the loop. Or is it just a habit? One that we ‘can quit at any time’.

I wouldn’t know it if I had, but I don’t feel like I have missed much from abstaining from Facebook this last week. I did really want to look at the photos of the Ironman but as for the news feeds – no loss it seems. Hmm, but now you got me thinking… perhaps I have and as with everything – you don’t know what you don’t know! I do know that each night I now read a bit of a novel instead of scrolling the phone. Going to bed is rest time, not time to feel mildly anxious/relieved/happy or even (I’ll admit) a little jealous of what so and so is doing, saying or sharing. Maybe I am missing out, but at the moment ignorance does seem like bliss.