Inspired by taking real photos at the Ironman – I decided to set off early this morning in search of the illusive sunrise picture. My dog was not too fussed about being woken before dawn, but I bundled him into the back of my car (no mean feat for a Great Dane x Bull Arab) and off we set down the Kuranda range.

People often ask how I cope with the commute every day. There are days were I wish I didn’t have to drive so far, but they aren’t often. Most mornings I am greeted by a dawning sun peeking through the treetops. Sometimes, if the mist and the light is right, you can see the fingers of sunlight probing through the canopy. Bryce Courtenay called these – the fingers of God, and although not religious it does paint a wonderful picture in my mind.

I tried to capture some of the beauty I am lucky enough to see every time I drive to work. I have tried this before on my iPhone but the images never turned out so I gave up. I guess sometimes, you just have to put in the extra effort.

I am far from a professional photographer but I tell you I felt like it – climbing over barriers and screeching into curbs when I thought I saw a shot! All the while my trusty dog watching on with a mixture of confusion and perhaps slight irritation – after all I was eating in to his walk time with all my happy snapping.

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